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Looking for Cellulite Treatments in Dublin? - 23rd July 2018


If you don’t feel body confident this summer, Ailesbury Clinic offer a wide range of highly effective treatments at our clinic in Dublin, including those which fight back against cellulite.



Cellulite is much more common in women than men, because of the way fat cell, muscle and connective tissue are connected. It occurs when the underlying fat deposits push through the layer of collagen fibres or connecting tissues.


Nobody enjoys having this type of problem and most people are on a quest to eliminate it.


If you’re one of the 80-95%  of women that suffer from cellulite, Ailesbury Clinic offers the latest treatments to eliminate this problem. We attract patients from all over Dublin and the surrounding areas looking to have cosmetic procedures.  


Our treatments include VelaSmooth, a revolutionary treatment that combines radiofrequency waves, a laser and a mechanical massage. This treatment works on all skin types can be used to treat cellulite anywhere: the stomach, abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs or buttocks.


Since there’s no downtime with this procedure, you can easily resume normal activities afterwards.



Our team treat a wide range of problem areas at our clinic in Dublin, including cellulite, brown spots, winkles, red veins and poikiloderma. We also have a clinic based in Cork which offers a great choice of treatments.


Discover more about our cellulite treatments in Dublin.



Professional Cellulite Treatments In Dublin - 9th July 2018


It’s often the elephant in our own heads that we have cellulite that can’t be dealt. We leave it, try to ignore it and accept that it won’t get better. That’s defeatism. At Ailesbury Clinic we can help you return your skin to that smooth surface you’ve always dreamed of with our cellulite treatments in Dublin.


What does our cellulite treatment involve?


VelaSmooth is the brand-new invention for the removal of cellulite that uses a combination of radiofrequency waves and laser to break up the troublesome tissue areas. Whether you’ve got cellulite on your hips, your thighs, your arms or stomach, the VelaSmooth will help to break up the fat, move water from the tissues and recontour the skin to its natural state.


How many treatments will my cellulite need?


Every person is different, especially when it comes to cellulite. We recommend that patients have around eight to ten treatment sessions that last around 30 minutes. The results will be achieved without the need for downtime after each session and is less painful than methods that have gone before.


Our highly-trained team at Ailesbury Clinic are waiting to discuss your options to find the right solution. On top of our cellulite treatments in Dublin, we’re also able to offer you everything from Botox, ultrashape, fat reduction and migraine treatments.


Find out more by getting in contact with us today.



Affordable Botox Treatments in Dublin - 18th June 2018


We’re bombarded with advertisements for anti-ageing products every day but there are obviously limits to what creams can do.


If you want more visible results, you might be considering wrinkle-relaxing injections instead. One of the most popular and well-known is Botox, otherwise known as Botulinum toxin, a substance that works by blocking signals from nerves to muscles.


Ailesbury Clinic is perfect for anybody looking to have Botox treatment in Dublin.



Botox works by relaxing facial muscles and keep them from contracting. It is perfect for combating what scientists call ‘dynamic wrinkles’ which are those caused by your facial expressions.


Whether you’re worried about crow’s feet, a dimpled chin or laughter lines, we can help get rid of those ageing lines.


Winner of Whatclinic treatment award, Ailesbury Clinic have one of the world’s leading experts in aesthetic medicine working for us. With clinics based in both Cork and Dublin, we attract patients from all over Ireland looking for treatment.


We offer Botox not only to target wrinkles but to treat migraines and prevent excess sweating. Results generally last from 4-9 months, so regular treatments are required.



Highly Effective Treatments for Spider Veins in Dublin - 21st May 2018


Do you want to get rid of unsightly spider veins?


If you’re based in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic can help reduce the appearance of unsightly spider veins by using the latest laser technology.  


Spider veins are clusters of tiny blood cells developing near the surface of the skin. Although they’re usually harmless, they can be indicative of a deeper problem so it’s important to have them checked by a doctor.


Many people find them most unpleasant when they appear on the face, which are usually caused by excessive sun exposure.


Although these super-small veins are part of the larger venous system, they are not an essential part of it. Meanwhile, varicose veins are usually much larger and more visible; they’re much more likely to cause pain and be related to serious disorders.


If spider veins are making you feel less confident when wearing skirts or short trousers in summer, it’s a good time to do something about it. Equally, if you hate having them on your face, we can help get rid of them.


Ailesbury Clinic offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments including those to treat spider veins. We offer the latest advances in technology to target red veins, such as Aurora Laser System and the IPL Quantum Laser System, which are safe and effective.


Discover more about our treatments in Dublin today.


Fat Removal without Surgery in Dublin - 7th May 2018


Are you looking into fat removal techniques and are based in Dublin?


It might surprise you, but there are highly effective methods which don’t involve going under the knife. 


Being overweight can not only prevent you looking your best, it is also extremely bad for your health, having been linked to a wide range of serious diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


If you find it difficult to shift that excess weight, you might want to consider BLT Vanquish, a method of fat removal without the need for surgery. This technique is available at Ailesbury Clinic at our award-winning clinic in Dublin, which is the only one in the world to have won two AMECs (considered the Oscars of aesthetic medicine).


A pain-free way to eliminate fat.


This FDA non-surgical technique is a contouring procedure which uses radiofrequency energy to heat and kill fat cells in a non-invasive way. It is completely painless, non-invasive and non-surgical, so ideal for a wide range of patients.

This treatment can be used for a wide range of areas, including the inner and outer thighs. However, it must also be combined with a healthy lifestyle.


Read more about this fat removal technique today.



An Award-Winning Clinic For Botox In Dublin - 23rd April 2018


Botox is one of the most popular and well-know of all anti-ageing treatments, along with one of the most accessible. It also involves little downtime, especially in comparison to surgical treatment. In fact, you can usually resume your normal routine straight away.


If you’re thinking of having this treatment in Dublin, simply come along to Ailesbury Clinic, where we have one of the world’s leading experts in aesthetic medicine: Dr Patrick Treacy.


Our award-winning clinic attract patients from all over Ireland looking for a wide range of treatments, including Botox and Dermal Fillers.


Voted Best Clinic in Ireland 2017, Ailesbury Clinic offer a beautiful and relaxing place in which to have treatment.


We offer Botox both for the treatment wrinkles and to help prevent migraines. Our Botox treatments is ideal for targeting frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, along with upper lip wrinkles. The effects usually last for 4-9 months, so you will need to have regular treatments.


It is also excellent for treating migraines, although experts aren’t sure why this is. This course of action is only recommended if you suffer from chronic migraines.


If you’re thinking of having Botox and are based in Dublin, why not get in touch today for a free consultation?


1850 918 133.



Effective Treatment for Acne In Dublin - 2nd April 2018


Although acne is most commonly a problem for teenagers, many people suffer from it in adulthood. One study by Dermal Institute found that at least 40% of adults aged between 40-50 have experienced adult acne.


If you’re looking for treatment for acne in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic can help you achieve a clearer complexion without antibiotics.


Ellipse IPL is a laser treatment we offer at our clinic in Dublin which is clinically proven to speed up the healing process for acne.


Acne is not only traumatic at the time but can leave visible scars behind. These can vary in depth and shape and include what’s known as ‘ice-pick scars’- deep, narrow pitted scars. Scars with a largely indented area are what’s known as ‘rolling scars’.

Many people believe there’s nothing that can be done about this type of scar, but that’s not the case. There is a combination of treatments that can be used to reduce their appearance.


Our experts can offer a wide range of treatments for acne scars, including:

  • Dermabrasion
  • Skin needling
  • Laser resurfacing

We are specialists in dermatology and aesthetic medicine who can perform minor surgery and skin cancer screenings.


If you’re based in Dublin, why not discover more about our acne treatments?



Brighter Skin With Our Botox Treatments In Dublin - 26th March 2018


Would you like to enjoy a fresh new look in Dublin?


If you feel you look sad and angry even when you aren’t, you might want to consider one of our anti-wrinkle treatments, which include the most well-known and popular: Botox.


Winner of the Irish HealthCare Awards 'Best Medical Research Ireland’ (Dublin 2017), Ailesbury Clinic attracts clients from all over Ireland.


Botox has long lost the stigma attached and is also no longer the prestige of Hollywood celebrities. It is so affordable and accessible, you can have it carried out in your lunch break, and there’s no reason to have that ‘frozen’ look that puts people off. Contrary to popular perception, it can look extremely natural.


Unlike with other treatments, Botox needs no downtime and you can wear make-up again straight away.


There are many reasons why this procedure is so popular: it’s not only affordable but it involves no anaesthetic, the results are visible after a few days and it will make your skin look smoother and younger. `


Ailesbury Clinic offer an affordable place to have Botox carried out in Dublin. Why not read our article on which is better for you: dermal fillers or Botox?


Or simply get in touch with our team on 1850 918 133.



Highly Effective Hair Removal Treatments In Dublin - 26th February 2018


Have you always wanted to get rid of excess hair and are based in the city of Dublin?


For many women, facial hair can be hugely stressful and unpleasant and a big knock to their confidence. It can also feel a huge battle removing hair in other places such as your legs, where it regrows so quickly, with shaving creating dry and itchy skin.


Increasing numbers of people are looking to have hair removal treatments which can offer a more permanent solution, such as those offered at our clinic in Dublin.


There’s no better place to have hair removal than at our award-winning clinic.

We offer a wide range of hair removal treatments including SWT Laser Hair Removal which can remove lead to permanent hair reduction for up to 10 years (studies have shown 77% of hair is still gone after this length of time, which makes it one of the most long-lasting of treatments).


Although commonly referred to as laser hair treatment, this practically pain-free method doesn’t strictly use a laser but relies upon Ellipse’s square pulse technology. It is perfect for certain areas of the face and the armpits, legs and bikini line, along with the chest area for men.


For more information on our hair treatments in Dublin, simply get in touch today.

(01)269 2255 / 2133.



Botox Treatment in Dublin - 12th February 2018


Are you looking for a friendly clinic in Dublin offering Botox?


Botox is one the best known of all anti-wrinkle treatments, being both affordable and highly effective in smoothing away facial lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. It’s been well-known in Hollywood for a long time but has firmly made its way into the mainstream over the past decade.


By restricting the muscles in your face which cause the wrinkles in the first, Botox can also prevent lines forming along with getting rid of existing ones.


The substance use is made using a protein that is produced by bacteria; this neurotoxin has been used successfully in non-surgical procedures for years and is also used in medical procedures, making it completely safe.


If you’re thinking of having this treatment in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic can offer a highly affordable service. 


Smoothing away wrinkles caused by movement, it especially good for lines on the forehead, around the eyes and in the corners of the mouth. Furthermore, Botox can often be used for preventing hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), a condition we frequently treat at our clinic in Dublin.


Botox is one of the many quality treatments we offer at Ailesbury Clinic. We can carry out this procedure to the highest standards, producing natural looking results that will never give you that ‘frozen look’. 



Highly Effective Hair Removal Treatments In Dublin - 2nd October 2017


Tired of using a painful epilator to remove hair? Are you looking to way to banish that unwanted fuzz for longer?


Ailesbury Clinic can come to the rescue with our hair removal treatment in Dublin. We offer the world’s most advanced Lumenis Quantum IPL and Lightsheer to remove hair. Quantum is perfect for getting rid of darker hair on your face or body.

Unwanted hair can be a huge pain to both men and women, but particularly ladies who don’t want unsightly hair on their face.


Laser treatment is the most effective way to get rid of hair in the long-term, unlike waxing or epilating which only gets rid of it for a few weeks. Unlike the latter, the effects are more likely to last for months, rather than just weeks. It also won’t leave you with that unpleasant stubble that arises after waxing or shaving.


The light source heats and destroys hair follicles under the skin, therefore disrupting hair growth. Why not book a free laser hair removal consultation? We can carry out a patch test to make sure you are suitable for this type of treatment.


To get in touch about our treatment in Dublin, simply call 1850 918 133.



Why Have A Facial Peel In Dublin? - 18th September 2017


A chemical facial peel can improve your skin’s appearance by making it ‘blister’ and peel off, to reveal fresher and more youthful looking skin.


Described as ‘peeling back the years’, it is ideal for removing fine lines, particularly around the mouth, along with small scars and discolorations like freckles and liver spots.


If you’re considering having a facial peel in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic can deliver this type of treatment to the highest standards. We offer both superficial peels using alphahydroxy acids which are ideal for rough skin, and medium peels which use trichloroacetic acid and can treat fine lines and blemishes.  


Facial peels can be applied to either the whole face or a selected area, depending on your preferences, although it cannot be applied around the eyes, which is a highly delicate area.


Ailesbury Clinic also offer Advanced Corrective Peels which is a medically exclusive peel for comprehensive texture refinement and improvement of visible signs of colouration. We guarantee visible results, smoothing the texture of your skin along with refining your pores, to leave you with smoother and younger looking skin.


Discover more about our facial peels in Dublin, or get in touch today on 1850 918 133.


Non-Surgical Treatments In Dublin - 4th September 2017


Do you want to turn back the clock without going under the knife?


If you’re based in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic have many fantastic offers this September on a wide range of treatments, including those which are 100% non-invasive.


At Ailesbury Clinic our non-surgical treatments are delivered by Dr Patrick Treacy, a world-renowned expert in aesthetic medicine. She has also lectured extensive on laser techniques throughout Europe and the US.


As two-time winners of the AMEC awards (the Oscars of aesthetic medicine), our Dublin clinic is the only one in the world to have more than one AMEC award. We are also the winner of What Clinic Treatment, scoring an excellent 4.4 for our aesthetic treatments.


Our award-winning clinic offers many non-surgical treatments that can give you back your confidence.


Our wide range of dermatological and laser treatments include wrinkle reductions, thread lifts, filler implants, facial peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

Our September offers include discounts on Medical Micro Needling, Red Light Phototherapy and Growth Factor Serum.


Browse our range of non-surgical treatments in Dublin today.


Or to book a free nurse consultation, contact us today on 1850 918 133.


Why Have Dermal Fillers In Dublin? - 21st August 2017


Do you want to get rid of either fine or deep wrinkles? Or have you always dreamt of having fuller lips? If you’re based in Dublin, the team at Ailesbury Clinic are keen to help.


One of the best treatments for targeting these kinds of problems are dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are not only a brilliant way to augment lips: they’re also a fantastic way to fight wrinkles. Otherwise known as hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers add volume to the skin, and some types of acne scars can also respond to this type of treatment.


Filling out and smoothing away facial lines, dermal fillers use naturally derived materials, so there’s no risk of disease or allergic reactions.


Dermal fillers will smooth away wrinkles for around 9 months and make lips fuller for around six months. This treatment is both quick and easy, and no allergy test is required beforehand.


If you’re thinking of having this treatment in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic regularly deliver dermal fillers with prices starting from only $350. We use non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid to correct facial lines, wrinkles and folds, along with carry out lip enhancements and shape facial contours.


Find out more about having dermal fillers in Dublin.


Highly Effective Laser Hair Removal In Dublin - 7th August 2017


Shaving regularly can result in dry and coarse skin and can be extremely time consuming. Having unwanted body hair can also be a real blow to somebody’s confidence, especially for women who suffer from facial hair.


At Ailesbury Clinic we regularly carry out laser hair removal for a long-term solution to unwanted body hair.  


Laser hair removal is one of the most effective forms of hair removal and should result in a permanent reduction of hair growth, whether you’re looking to remove hair from your face or body.


What kind of technology do we use for laser hair removal in Dublin?


We offer a variety of laser hair removal techniques at our clinic in Dublin, including:

  • Lumenis Quantum IPL and STP Plus to remove unwanted hair and give you smooth skin that looks and feels great.
  • Syneron Aurora, which is the only system that currently has been somewhat successful for the removal of white and grey hair.

Our laser technicians can help you decide which is the most appropriate type of laser to use. Before carrying out laser hair removal at our clinic in Dublin, we will perform a patch test that ensure you will not suffer an adverse reaction.


If you’re in Dublin, why not find out more about our laser hair removal treatments?


Thinking Of Having Dermal Filler Treatment In Dublin? - 24th July 2017


Unfortunately, as we age, we lose both collagen, elastin and subcutaneous fat, which means our facial muscles work closer to the skin’s surface. This can lead to smile lines and crow’s feet.


Dermal fillers are one of the best ways to target these type of wrinkles. This type of treatment, which is often confused with Botox, can bring volume to your face and lift sagging muscles when injected into the skin. This is a quick treatment, which uses naturally derived materials to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.


Dermal fillers are ideal for lines around the mouth where Botox cannot be used without resultant problems. Ailesbury Clinic Dublin uses only high quality Dermal Fillers and the patient gets a product code at the time of procedure. We favour Galderma's Emervel and Restylane products, which are made of hyaluronic acid and can be reversed.


Treatments are delivered using a tiny needle, so are relatively painless.


How long do Dermal Fillers last?


Dermal fillers will smooth away wrinkles for around 6- 9 months and make lips fuller for around 3-6 months, depending on the product used. This treatment is both quick and easy, and no allergy test is required beforehand. Discover more about our Dermal Filler Treatments in Dublin today.


Discover more about our Dermal Filler Treatments in Dublin today.



Highly Effective Acne Treatment In Dublin - 10th July 2017


Acne is a common skin condition and affects most people at some point, but is usually its worst during adolescence. Characterised by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and greasy skin, acne is usually because of hormonal changes, but it can persist into adulthood.


Around 5% of woman and 1% of men suffer acne in adulthood and it can have a big effect on self-esteem, especially since you should have long left spots behind. While topical treatment can be effective, sometimes it takes something more invasive to banish spots. 


Acne is not only unpleasant but if you pick at the spots, it can cause permanent scars.


When looking to have acne treatment in Dublin, look towards Ailesbury Clinic for highly effective solutions.


Ailesbury Clinic offer a wide range of treatments for many problem areas, including acne.


We make the most of modern developments in laser technology, which has recently been approved by the FDA for treatment of this moderate acne vulgarities. We also offer Blue Light Photo Dynamic Therapy which works by killing the bacteria that causes breakouts. This does not use UV light which can cause skin scarring, so is completely safe. 



Thinking Of Having A Chemical Peel In Dublin? - 26th June 2017


A chemical peel can significantly improve the appearance of your skin. By using this technique, you can reveal a whole new layer of skin which is smoother and less wrinkled.


So, how does it work?


A chemical peel can be applied to your whole face or an isolated area, with a full peel done as a separate procedure before or after a facelift.  At Ailesbury Clinic, we offer a range of facial peels for customers in Dublin, including superficial and medium peels.


Superficial peels are made using alphahydroxy acids (AHA) (glycolic, lactic, and fruit acids), and are ideal for rough, dry skin. Acids can also be mixed with a bleaching agent to correct uneven pigmentation.


Medium peels, meanwhile, are performed using trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and are used to treat fine wrinkles and superficial blemishes. Deep peels use carbolic acid to treat course wrinkles, blotches, ageing and precancerous growths.


We also offer Advanced Corrective Peels which is a medically exclusive peel for comprehensive texture refinement and improvement of visible signs of colouration.

If you’re in Dublin, why not read more information on our chemical peels?



Considering A Face Lift Without Surgery? - 12th June 2017


Do you like the idea of having skin treatment but don’t want it to be obvious?


If you’re in Dublin and are interested in a facelift without surgery, Ailesbury Clinic offer many dermatological and laser treatments to help you turn back the clock.


Our treatments without surgery include Botox and Dermal Facial Fillers, the latter of which can add volume to your skin.


Botox is one of the best known of non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments, and remains one of the most effective. Its popularity is partly because it’s a painless procedure, only taking around 10-15 minutes- the equivalent of a short lunch break.


This procedure works by relaxing the muscles and preventing them from contracting. This means it deals with wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, such as laughter lines and crow’s feet, which are extremely common but not caused by UV light.


Why choose our volumizing treatments in Dublin?


If you’re considering a face lift without surgery, dermal facial fillers could be ideal.

While traditional dermal fillers only address wrinkles, lines and folds, treatments like Sculptra replenish lost volume in your face, stimulating the growth of your natural collagen, therefore treating the underlying causes of ageing.


You can read more about Botox vs Dermal fillers on our website.


Or if you’re in Dublin, simply give us a call on 1850 918 133.



Looking for Fat Loss Treatment in Dublin? - 29th May 2017


Are you dreading wearing swimwear this summer, purely because you don’t feel confident with your weight?


Many people have a lower metabolism than others and sometimes we need a helping hand to get rid of that surplus weight.


If you’re struggling to shift those extra pounds, Ailesbury Clinic has a dedicated team who can carry out Vanquish- a highly efficient fat reduction treatment which is ideal for individuals who have found that other forms of weight loss have failed, and for those who prefer the idea of a non-surgical technique.


How does this form of fat loss treatment work?


Vanquish can get rid of even the most stubborn fat using a world-class laser treatment technique. This non-invasive treatment is able to work on large-surface areas and is highly popular with patients that want to carry out body contouring and sculpturing, particularly on the abdomen and the inner and outer thighs.


It works by using multi-polar radio technology to target fat tissue and can reduce your waist line by up to 13 centimetres.


Vanquish ME requires very little down-time afterwards and treatment can be carried out in less than an hour. Sound good?


If you’re in Dublin, why not find out more about this fat loss technique?



Choosing The Right Acne Treatment Dublin - 15th May 2017


Acne can be a huge problem and can affect anyone, at any age. There is no concrete reason why acne develops, but some factors which can are thought to cause it include; unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and hormones. Acne can be damaging for confidence and in many cases, it can even leave scarring. Luckily though, with advances in treatments, there are now effective ways to reduce or eliminate acne completely.


Treatments for acne


At Ailesbury Clinic, we have a range of treatments available for the treatment of acne. These include the acne ellipse IPL, which is a treatment to help slow down the production of sebum, which then reduces the signs of acne. This is a safe and effective treatment for acne. We also offer the CO2 laser, which is effective for acne scarring and results can be remarkable with just one treatment.


Get in touch


If acne is affecting your life and you want to get in touch to find out about our treatments. You can book a consultation via our website, or alternatively, contact us on (01)269 2255 to find out more. We also offer a range of other treatments, so take a look around our website if there are any other treatments you are interested in.


Want to Reduce Wrinkles without Surgery? - 1st May 2017


Do you want to get rid of these wrinkles, but don’t want to go under the knife? Are you based in the city of Dublin?


Ailesbury Clinic offer many techniques that deliver wrinkle reduction without surgery. With the latest dermatological and laser scanning techniques, we can turn back the clock safely and effectively.


Our wrinkle reduction techniques without surgery include Botox, one of the most famous of anti-ageing treatments. If you want to achieve youthful skin without surgery, this procedure could be ideal.


What precisely is Botox?


Botulinum toxin is a protein that is produced by bacteria, but don’t let that put you off: this neurotoxin has been used successfully in non-surgical procedures for years. It is also used in medical procedures and can treat excessive sweating, so it completely safe.


This is a very quick procedure and only takes 10-15 minutes. There might be some swelling or bruising, but this will only be temporary. The effects last for 4-6 months afterwards, but if you don’t have the treatment again it won’t have adverse effects on your skin.


We offer anti-wrinkle injections that can treat problems like crow’s feet, lines on the forehead and frown lines. Our prices are extremely competitive, with one area of treatment only €250.


Discover more about our anti-ageing treatments without surgery


Thinking Of Laser Hair Removal In Dublin? - 17th April 2017


If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted hair in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic can help.


With summer on the way, many people will want to be banishing that body hair; however, it can be a problem at any time of year. Women especially don’t want to facial hair or excess hair on their body. This can often get worse during pregnancy or the menopause, when your self-esteem is already lower. 


If you’re tired of shaving and waxing, and want a more long-term solution, Ailesbury Clinic offer laser hair removal for a virtually painless treatment.


This is one of the most effective forms of hair removal, with the technique using a combination of electrical and optimal energy. It should result in a permanent reduction of hair growth, whether from your face or body.


We use the world’s most advanced Lumenis Quantum IPL and STP Plus to remove unwanted hair. We also use the Syneron Aurora, which is the only system that currently has been somewhat successful for the removal of white and grey hair. Unfortunately, post-menopausal thickened white hair remains a challenge, and this is the only system that currently successfully removes white and grey hair.


Before carrying out laser hair removal at our clinic in Dublin, we will perform a patch test that ensure there will be no adverse reaction. Our laser technicians will also decide which is the most appropriate laser to use.  


If you’re in Dublin, why not find out more about our laser hair removal?



Considering a Dermal Filler Treatment in Dublin? - 3rd April 2017


Do you want to turn back the clock in 2017?



Dermal fillers are one of the best ways to diminish facial lines, as well as restoring volume and fullness to the face. Unfortunately, when we age, we lose subcutaneous fat and our facial muscles then work closer to the skin’s surface; this leads to smile lines and crow’s feet becoming more apparent.


Why have dermal fillers if you’re in Dublin?


So far, there are no anti-ageing creams that work as well as dermal fillers. If your favourite celebrity has appeared to have defied the laws of time, the likelihood is they’ve had dermal fillers.


Although conscientious skin-care can make a difference, only dermal fillers (or Botox) treat the damage caused by sun damage, muscle movement and sheer gravity.


Dermal fillers, which use natural materials injected into the skin, make your face look smoother, younger and plumper, the effects of which can last from 3 months to 2 years. 


If you’re looking to have this treatment done in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic offer an exciting and sophisticated range of softer dermal fillers. They are designed for a softer and smoother integration into the skin.


Find out more about our dermal filler treatment in Dublin.



Get Rid Of Acne With Our Therapy In Dublin - 20th March 2017


Based in Dublin and suffer from chronic acne? Do products from the chemist make no difference?


Most people struggle from acne at some point, especially during their teenage years. But what causes this common skin condition and how can you get rid of it?


Acne happens when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It is usually caused by hormones. For instance, when you’re under pressure, your skin produces stress hormones, such as cortisol, that stimulate the oil glands.


Since teenagers already have a dervish of hormones swirling about their body, it makes sense that they suffer from acne more than any other age group. However, acne can affect adults, too, and can significantly affect your confidence.


IPL can be extremely effective for these sorts of problems.


Our acne therapy can make a huge difference to clients in Dublin.


Ailesbury Clinic can deliver IPL therapy, which is a 30-minute treatment which safely tones the skin, reduces pore size, and eliminates any skin imperfections like pigmentation or broken veins. It’s best to have this treatment once every month, for an average of five months.


IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is well known for improving the texture of the skin. As it is a light-based treatment, IPL is gentle, painless and extremely safe.


Another of our treatments is Ellipse SPT Plus, which is a clinically proven way to treat acne. It works by directing pulses of light into the epidermis. The light is then absorbed into haemoglobin in the blood vessels that feed the sebaceous glands. 


If you’re in Dublin, why not discover more about our acne treatment?



Need An Alternative To Chemical Peels In Dublin? - 6th March 2017


Are you looking for an alternative to chemical peels? Have you ever considered Microdermabrasion?


If you’re based in Dublin, Ailesbury Clinic offer a variety of treatments at our award-winning clinic. Our dermatological treatments include dermal fillers, wrinkle reductions and Microdermabrasion to reveal younger looking skin.


Our doctor is a recognised global expert in Aesthetic Medicine and has lectured extensively on laser techniques in Europe and the US.


Reveal softer, smoother skin with our advanced Derma Genesis Particle Resurfacing System.


A virtually painless alternative to chemical peels is Microdermabrasion, a speedy procedure which can be used to treat and diminish a huge range of complaints, including blackheads and whiteheads, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation, oily skin and dry/patchy skin.


The average Microdermabrasion procedure takes only 30 minutes and you should notice an improvement in your skin straight away, with the treatment offering instant results with almost no downtime.


Furthermore, it offers many long-term benefits; a course of treatments is therefore recommended at 2-4 week intervals. This treatment is offered as part of a ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ deal we have at Ailesbury Clinic.


Why not discover more about our treatments in Dublin?

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Botox and Migraine Lectures


Congratulations to our own Ailesbury Doctor Dr Olga O' Driscoll coming 1st out of 100 doctors in the St. Mary's Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and securing a mentorship under Dr. Adriano Santorelli in Naples.


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Galway (091)568 555

Fax: (01) 218 0857


Specialists in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. We perform minor surgery + skin cancer screen. VHI, Aviva, Laya and Irish Health accepted. Hstopathology is covered by private insurance and performed by dedicated skin histopathologists at St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin. Consultation €100  READ MORE 


Image result for emergency   For Emergency Ring 086 2487464 

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